Our menu

The Azahar restaurant menu includes typical Spanish cuisine dishes, as the most important products for the authentic taste of the food come directly from Spain.

Vaca Rubia Gallega from Galicia, processed in the unique technology to keep its fragility, freshness and color from the best meat. Venta del Baron Olive oil – one of the key ingredients in Spanish cuisine with exceptional taste and quality. Rice Bomba Pego which is grown especially for the preparation of paella (paeya) – a traditional dish of the region. And Rice Calasparra – the best rice in the world for 2013. Jamon Joselito – the best in the world, famous for its exclusive authentic taste and quality!

All of the products we use in the restaurant are with natural proven origin and selected from ecologically clean regions.

From the garden

Aromatic soups

From the sea

From grandmother’s kitchen

From the forest

From Valencia

From Castilla yLeoґn

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